Darone Sassounian is a DJ, selector, and producer from Los Angeles. He runs the indie artist management and booking label, Rocky Hill. Sassounian focuses on bringing an array of sounds into the world - ranging from styles introduced to him at an early age, to sounds he sought after later on.

The name “Rocky Hill” is inspired by the neighborhood Sassounian was born and raised in. The neighborhood is a personal symbol of solace and safety, which correlates with the philosophy of the label. Varying in style, the label has a limitless viewpoint. Rocky Hill knows no boundaries, and its main purpose is to set out on an endless soul-searching musical expedition.

Influenced by music made in the 70’s and 80’s, his goal is to approach contemporary audiences by clashing the old with the new. Styles ranging from disco, soul, jazz, international obscurities, and house.

Darone Sassounian is born and raised in Los Angeles. He currently represents and works with artists such as Bosq, Basil & Rogers, David Haffner, Rocky Hill Corps, and Thomas Blondet.

Darone released his full-length compilation; "Silk Road: Journey of the Armenian Diaspora (1971 - 1982)" via Terrestrial Funk on February 22, 2021. Compiled by Darone Sassounian, who spent three years tracking down the records and artists; fulfilling a calling to lift his people’s voice, a people that have always faced the threat of erasure. The music was made a generation after the Armenian Genocide, a testament to perseverance. The seven tracks featured are incredibly inventive and unique in their interpretations of Western seventies sounds.

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