DECEMBER 7, 2019
Historic Virginia Key Beach Park, Miami


ÂmeLIVE, Aurora Halal, Ben UFO, Danny Daze, Dixon, DJ Minx, Eclair Fifi, Jayda G, John Talabot, KiNKLIVE, Marie Davidson, Mor Elian, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Oona Dahl, Palms Trax, Soul Clap, Tara Brooks, Will Renuart & More To Be Announced...


With multiple stages offering moments of continuous discoveries that will awaken the deepest of your senses.
We promise not to stop there and carry on, wanting to spend the rest of our sunsets with you.
Seek what sets your soul on fire.

Art Basel Events

Explore a myriad of immersive sensory experiences within the raw beauty of nature's surroundings.
Bringing environmental art to a tropical shaded grove bordering the sea where Rakastella will call home this Basel 2019. Enjoy the sunset while taking a dive into our Vinyl pop up shop, where you'll find hidden gems, memorabilia and nostalgia... because you are what you listen to, and one should never try to mute the noise. This is what Art Basel Events were meant to be.

Art Basel Events

There's a certain liberation that comes with a leap of faith. Lovers intertwine to become a singular force of nature with energy bound to unknown limits. When harnessed, a labor of love such as Rakastella is born. Pure unadulterated love for radical music selection drew both Innervisions & Life and Death to continue pushing boundaries into this truly exotic experience.

Everyone and everything is interconnected in this
universe. Eventually, all things merge into one.
Innervisions & Life and Death = LOVE

Rakastella promises to be a diverse and eclectic musical affair with romantic and intimate House vibes from start to finish. A brand new collaborative party concept that will make your heart swell at the historic and picturesque Virginia Key Beach Park, Miami during Art Basel 2019.

"Now the rest is up to us to choose, and now chose it we must,
every single day." - Baldwin


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