Rakastella is so proud to bring back our ever-so-loved "Keep Her Wild" program, with the help of our friends at Ascendance Sustainable Events. Our mission to protect the beautiful Virginia Key, minimize our environmental impact and raise attendee awareness on how to party sustainably lives on with the following initiatives.

We'll continue to be a plastic and styrofoam free event: In 2019, we became the first electronic music event in Miami to ever go plastic and styrofoam free. Our commitment to divorce unsustainable disposables continues in 2021 with the return of aluminum canned water, paper cups and vendor compliance requirements.

...and finally, we'll recycle right: In partnership with our cleaning crews, we will have proper, sufficient and clearly marked recycling bins to rescue our aluminum cans from going to the landfill and make sure this valuable material can be used over and over again!

We'll "Leave Only Footprints": Our popular pollution prevention campaign returns to assure we leave Virginia Key as beautiful as we found it! Volunteers will support our cleaning crews in patrolling beaches and dance floors for litter, encouraging attendees to join in the movement to keep our space clean as we dance the night away together.

We'll reduce waste by safely utilizing reusables: For the first time ever, we'll have free refill water stations! As in year's past, attendees will be welcome to bring their own empty reusable cups or water bottles from home. Reusable stainless steel souvenir cups will also be offered for sale and attendees who purchase a cup will receive a free upgrade to a double on their first drink! Bartenders will be trained on safe handling of cups.

Want to support our environmental efforts?
Volunteer! You'll get a free ticket to Rakastella, a t-shirt and 2 drink tickets.

For info and reservations, please contact us at [email protected]

For press/media inquiries, please email [email protected]